Captain "Killy" Tilly in "Despite Yourself"

The crew of the USS Discovery comes back from winter hiatus in “Despite Yourself” and finds itself on the wrong side of the Mirror. Worst part? They’ve got no idea how to get back to their own universe.

Behind the Camera

What better way to come back from your mid-season break than to have Jonathan Frakes direct an episode?! I’ll tell you a secret. There isn’t one. This fella directed three episodes of Voyager. He directed three episodes of Deep Space Nine. Eight episodes of The Next Generation. He did the full length feature films First Contact and Insurrection. He even did an episode of The Orville, for goodness sake. I am stoked to have him on Discovery. AND it looks like he’ll be back for season two with New Eden. We are lucky to be alive right now.

As far as the writing, we’ve got Sean Cochran to thank for the sweet goodness of “Despite Yourself.” He’s another one of these staff writers who don’t get a shout out every episode, but this is his first solo writing credit so today the glory is all his. But his glory will forever shine bright because this is not his last solo credit. He’ll be back as the story writer for the outstanding Short Treks episode “Calypso.” And then he’ll be back again in season two on another Jonathan Frakes directed episode, New Eden. Cochran and Frakes are the new peanut butter and chocolate.

In Front of the Camera

  • Sam Vartholomeos is BACK! Danby Connor in the Mirror Universe is thriving, and is rocking it as the captain of the ISS Shenzhou. Well, for a while, at least. Then Burnham shows up and kills him. She’s watched him die twice now, just like us. The first time was back in Battle at the Binary Stars. We’re all suffering.
  • Mary Chieffo as L’Rell is also here, just kinda hanging out in Discovery brig.

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