Mirror Spock Mind Melds with Burnham in The Wolf Inside

“The Wolf Inside” sees the newly renamed ISS Discovery’s efforts to get back to the proper universe complicated by a lot of different things. They meet with the alien resistance to the Terran Empire, and Tyler runs into the Mirror Universe version of her dad. And then her boyfriend Ash Tyler really embarrasses her by trying to murder all her new friends, including Voq. Relationships are challenging. 

Behind the Camera

T.J. Scott joins the Star Trek universe with “The Wolf Inside” but he enjoyed it so much he’ll be back next season with “If Memory Serves.” This episode was ridiculously enjoyable, so that’s good news in my book. 

Over in the writing portion of things, Lisa Randolph gets all the kudos for this bad boy. This, too, is her first Star Trek episode. But she’ll be back in just a couple episodes for “The War Without, The War Within.” She also is responsible for four episodes of Reign. This is notable because the writer’s of last week’s “Despite Yourself,” , Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt, also wrote for Reign. I’m feeling almost obligated to check it out at this point. Their writer choice clearly resonates with me. 

In Front of the Camera

  • James Frain comes back, not as Sarek, but Mirror Sarek which is an entirely different person.
  • Michelle Yeoh is back in a surprise appearance as Emperor Georgiou. I am elated at this because Yeoh is just such a fun person. But I am having a little difficulty swallowing her as a cruel authoritarian. 
  • Riley Gilchrist plays Shukar,which is our first look at Andorians in Star Trek Discovery. They look more pointy and harsh! He’ll be back in a couple more episodes this season with “The War Without, the War Within” and “Will You Take My Hand?”

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