The Battle at the Binary Stars

“Battle at the Binary Stars” isn’t pulling any punches. Things quickly take a turn as Starfleet engages the Ship of the Dead and the rest of the combined Klingon Houses. 

Behind the Camera

The story for “Battle at the Binary Stars,” just like the previous episode “The Vulcan Hello,” was written by former show runner Bryan Fuller.

The teleplay, however, was written by two people entirely uninvolved with the first half of this story. This time around, the teleplay credits belong to Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts. These are the two who have taken over as Star Trek Discovery show runners in Fuller’s absence.

Front of the Camera

This is usually where we’ll be posting the guest stars of the show, but it’s becoming apparent at this point that I have zero idea who is a guest star. So maybe check out the previous post for “The Vulcan Hello” for a breakdown of all the major faces that appear in the episode.

Because like Ensign Danby Connor has proven, some of these roles may be quite fleeting. And Chris Obi as T’Kuvma? T’Kuvma definitely felt like a season-long story villain. And don’t even get me started on the loss of Michelle Yeoh’s Georgiou. The impact of “Battle at the Binary Stars” on the cast list was absolutely brutal.

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