Science Tilly is about to do some serious science on this dark matter

All these red lights continue to taunt the USS Discovery in “New Eden,” this time leading them to a human colony way out in the Beta Quadrant. Turns out that the colony was kidnapped / rescued by this mysterious Red Angel over 200 years ago and dropped on this planet.

The colony is on the edge of extinction. But in a pretty crazy coincidence? The Discovery picked up the solution just last week in “Brother.” Tilly does a bit of sciencing, and uses the dark matter asteroid to spare the colony and the away team. But also she has an imaginary friend now. So it’s just really a mixed bag situation.

“A mixed bag situation” also reflects our thoughts on “New Eden” as a whole. It enjoyed a lot of elements that felt very Star Trek. But then it seemed to turn away from them, rather than actually tackling them.

Who Made It

What’s not a mixed bag, though? Having Jonathan Frakes back to direct. The man is so connected to the Star Trek universe, he’s able to immediately tap into that vibe we both crave.

Over on the writing side, this episode story was written by Akiva Goldsman and Sean Cochran. We most recently saw Goldsman with last season’s finale, “Will You Take My Hand?” Cochran was even more recent than that, as he worked on the story to the pretty outstanding Star Trek: Short Treks “Calypso.” On the teleplay side, Sean Cochran teamed up with first time Star Trek writer Vaun Wilmott.

Notable guest stars this week include:

  • Andrew Moodie as Jacob
  • Bahia Watson as the absolutely delightful May
  • Sheila McCarthy as Mother
  • And although she’s usually around, Oyin Oladejo deserves a big shout out as Joann Owosekun who was very clearly a star this week.

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