Kol dies in Into the Forest I Go and I don't feel happy about it

Lorca sets his crew to plan on a way to defend the crystal transmitter in “Into the Forest I Go.” They’ve also got a plan to see through the Ship of the Dead’s cloak! It involves Stamets engaging in 133 spore jumps in rapid succession. Neither Culber nor Stamets seem real enthusiastic about this, to be honest.

Burnham and Tyler beam aboard the Ship of the Dead in what is honestly a pretty bonkers strategy. But they manage to not only rescue Admiral Cornwell! Even better? They are able to deliver a few good hits to Kol’s face. 

Behind the Camera

Christopher J. Byrne is the director for “Into the Forest I Go,” which at the time of this writing, is the only thing he’s done in Star Trek. But as seems to be a recurring theme with a lot of people involved in this show, he has crossed paths with original show runner Bryan Fuller. Byrne is listed as a supervising director on a half-dozen episodes of Bryan Fuller’s “American Gods” series. And also, this episode was outstanding, so I’m hoping he comes back.

As far as all the words? That honor belongs to Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt. These two writers are credited as executive story editors on most episodes, so I’m thinking they’re pretty integral components in what makes Star Trek Discovery such a goddamned delight. Notwithstanding, “Into the Forest I Go” does mark the only episode in the first season where they have solo writing credits. They come back again in the Short Treks: The Brightest Star episode. And then at least once more in season two with “The Sound of Thunder.” Outside of this, their work seems to be limited to the series Reign. I’ve not seen it, but their work on Star Trek: Discovery is making me feel like that needs to change.

In Front of the Camera

  • Kenneth Mitchell in what looks like his last appearance as Kol because…well, he very clearly seems to be dead. He’s been with us since almost the beginning with the Battle at the Binary Stars! He was also in “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry” and “Lethe.” Rest in power, Kol.
  • Jayne Brook as Admiral Cornwell not only returns, she returns in glorious fashion. She’s all wounded and just hanging out in a room with a bunch of dead bodies, but she’s still remarkably boss. 
  • Mary Chieffo as L’Rell pulled a big surprise there by leaping onto Ash Tyler’s back and catching a ride back to the Discovery. Given Tyler’s reaction to her, I don’t think he’s going to like this development.
  • I haven’t really been mentioning Conrad Coates as Admiral Terral, and I’m not sure why he hasn’t made my guest star list yet. It’s been a terrible omission, and one I am heartily sorry for. 

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