Michael Burnham and Ash Tyler begin a beautiful relationship in Lethe

“Lethe” is an episode title I don’t really understand, but it continues Star Trek Discovery’s trend of having really intelligent sounding episode names. I’m here for it.

This one features a diplomatic mission that gets interrupted by a suicide bombing by Logic Extremists. This is bad news for Sarek, as he’s on the shuttle with the suicide bomber. Lorca agrees to help Burnham in recovering Sarek, a decision that results in a visit from Admiral Cornwell.

Behind the Camera

This episode has Douglas Aarniokoski sitting in the director’s chair, and marks his first foray into the Star Trek universe. He’s got a lot of other credits on shows like Limitless, Instinct, Bull, Sleepy Hollow and Criminal Minds. He’ll also be back in season two for a couple of episodes, one of which is “The Sound of Thunder.” He also does “The Brightest Star,” the beautiful Short Trek featuring Saru’s home planet of Kaminar.

As far as writers, “Lethe” features Joe Menosky and Ted Sullivan teaming up. While Lethe is Joe Menosky’s only credit on Star Trek Discovery, the man is an institution when it comes to the Star Trek universe. He has four credits on Deep Space Nine, 33 on The Next Generation, and 37 on Voyager. Sullivan, on the other hand, seems like he is an emerging Star Trek institution in his own right. “Lethe” is his first Star Trek credit. And yet? He’ll also go on to write “What’s Past is Prologue.” And then in season two he’ll be there for the season opener “Brother,” as well as “Light and Shadows.” He’s tapping directly into the vein of what makes good Star Trek.

In Front of the Camera

  • Jayne Brooke as Admiral Cornwell AGAIN. It’s like I prayed, and the Star Trek writers have answered. Cornwell is a treat.
  • James Frain, having been pretty quiet since his appearance in “The Vulcan Hello,” finally returns.
  • We also get to meet Mia Kirshner, filling the role of Amanda Grayson.
  • We’ve seen Kenneth Mitchell as Kol before, but I didn’t include him because we also saw about thirty other Klingons. It seems to be shaping up that Kol is going to be a recurring character, and I’m pretty happy about it because the fella has personality.

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