Spock, Burnham and Vina look backwards to the two Talosians watching them in "If Memory Serves"
“If Memory Serves” is definitely channeling that TOS vibe when the Talosians throw Burnham a solid and use their powers to get Spock’s brain right. But will fixing his brain be enough to fix their relationship?

Behind the Camera

“If Memory Serves” was directed by T.J. Scott, who we were lucky enough to see last season in the outstanding “The Wolf Inside” episode. He’s also done a few episodes of “Orphan Black,” and about half a dozen episodes of “Gotham.” This fella and I seem to have a crossover of interests.

Over on the writing side of “If Memory Serves,” we’ve got Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie teaming up. This is their first addition to the Star Trek universe, and it’s a pretty interesting choice. They’re likely best known for creating the TV series Scream. My guess would be that the the creators of a show like that wouldn’t be able to neatly come over to Star Trek. They proved me wrong because this episode is a goddamned treat. 


In Front of the Camera

So many faces in this week’s episode!

  • Melissa George, known best to me for her role in J.J. Abrams’ Alias series as Lauren Reed. She’s in the role of Vina from the original series pilot “The Cage,” and it’s re-worked version “The Menagerie.”
  • We finally get some quality time with Ethan Peck’s Spock in “If Memory Serves.” Up until now he’s been in kind of a crazed stupor. I feel like we’re finally getting a chance to see what his Spock is like. So far I’m one thousand percent on board.
  • Alan Van Sprang returns as Leland
  • And serving as a thorn in his side, Michelle Yeoh comes back as Captain Georgiou. Seemingly continuing her way to the top of Section 31.
  • We get a brief glimpse of Rachael Ancheril again as Commander Nhan, and I’m weirdly into this character. So I would like more than a glimpse, please. 
  • Hannah Cheesman gets a shout out for her role as Lt. Commander Airiam. This role seems to be becoming increasingly important.
  • Harry Judge is back as Admiral Gorch! We’ve seen his smiling face multiple times this series, but it’s always under so much Tellarite makeup it’s hard to tell. We first met him in the Mirror Universe back in “The Wolf Inside,” directed by the same fella who directed this episode. His Tellarite got a name and rank in “The War Without, the War Within,” and he also swung by the finale in “Will You Take My Hand?” Most recently though? He played an entirely different Tellarite in the Short Trek’s episode “The Escape Artist” along side Rainn Wilson.
  • Admiral Gorch is usually accompanied by his Android buddy, and this episode is no different. Riley Gilchrist returns as Admiral Shukar, also having made appearances in all the same episodes as Admiral Gorch above.

“If Memory Serves” first aired on March 7th, 2019 on CBS All Access.

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