Mudd sipping on a Jipper in The Escape Artist

“The Escape Artist” is exactly what I wanted from these Short Treks, and now I want nothing more than to be sipping jippers on a beach somewhere.

Behind the Camera

Rainn Wilson is sitting behind the camera in “The Escape Artist” for his first time directing a Star Trek episode. He only has three other episode credits on his resume, all for episodes of “The Office.” It’s exciting to see him as a director, but what really interests me? The writer.

This is our first exposure to Mike McMahan. He’s probably most famous for his work on more than a dozen episodes of “Rick and Morty,” and this is his first contribution to Star Trek. But that won’t be for long. He’s been hired as the show runner for a Star Trek adult animated series called “Lower Decks.” The fact that this episode was entirely different than anything else in the Star Trek universe, but also maintaining a distinct Star Trek vibe? This episode has get me pretty ecstatic about “Lower Decks,” when I was kind of lukewarm before this.

In Front of the Camera

  • Rainn Wilson returns for his third episode as Star Trek’s favorite scoundrel. We got introduced to Harcourt Fenton Mudd back in the episode “Choose Your Pain” aboard a Klingon prison ship. He came back a few episodes later seeking vengeance in “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad” and was equally fun.
  • Harry Judge plays the unnamed Tellarite, which seems to be kind of his thing. He also played a Tellarite in “Will you Take My Hand?,” “The Wolf Inside” and “The War Without, the War Within.” He’s apparently a type.
  • Barbara Mamabolo plays the bounty hunter who can’t remember where she parked her ship, and she’s won me over.
  • Dan Abramovici is the lovable oaf of an Orion guard.

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