Captain Pike and his gang chilling in the turbolift of the USS Discovery

Season two of Star Trek Discovery has finally arrived on CBS All Access with “Brother,” a clear reference to one of our favorite pointy-eared aliens.

A Lot of Stars

We don’t actually meet our buddy Spock this time around. But we DO spend some high quality time with Anson Mount as the latest iteration of Captain Christopher Pike, which is also pretty great.

We also get to see the always delightful James Frain return as Sarek. But the higlight? That’s definitely Tig Notaro joining to the Star Trek universe with the impossibly perfect name of Jett Reno. The universe is made better by her presence.

We also briefly meet the weird alien fella up there in the picture played by David Benjamin Tomlinson, who we have decidely mixed feelings about. Speaking of brief introductions, Sean Connolly Affleck plays Lt. Connolly. At least for a little while.

And finally, Rachael Ancheril also comes aboard the Discovery as Commander Nhan. We’re suspicious of her because her hella shifty eyes when Pike said he’s taking command.

Commander Nhan deploys some very suspicious eyes when Pike takes over the DIscovery in "Brother"
This is literally the definition of side-eye.
Welcome Back, Discovery

“Brother” is jam-packed with religious references, so we dive in and explore what it all means for unfolding season. We’ve got a lot of ideas.  Most of them center around one key question: What does God need with a starship?

Showrunner Alex Kurtzman takes over the director’s seat for the first time in this series with “Brother.” It was written by former Star Trek Discovery writing supervisors Gretchen J. Berg, Aaron Harberts, and also Ted Sullivan.

We’re excited Star Trek Discovery is back in our lives. And “Brother” is a great way to welcome us back. Even though it is already wildly diverging from the expectations we set out in our last episode, focusing on the Star Trek Discovery season two trailer.

Joe, however, is less excited about the new “Disco Ball” rating system.

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