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There’s just an absurd amount of stuff that happens in “The Wolf Inside.” The Emperor of the Terran Empire reveals herself to be Georgiou. Tyler becomes Voq. Stamets meets another Stamets. In any other show, this is about five episodes worth of content. And even with all these plot developments, they somehow leave space for stunning emotional developments for multiple characters. This episode is just masterful. Let’s dive into our The Wolf Inside review.

The Wolf Inside Broke Culber’s Neck

Paul Stamets holds the corpse of Hugh Culber in Star Trek Discovery's The Wolf Inside

Culber’s death in “Despite Yourself” was pretty definitive. But Stamets cradling a dead Culber in the Medbay while talking nonsense is just about as heartbreaking a way to begin “The Wolf Inside” as I can imagine. So I was even more impressed when they switched over to an extended opening of Burnham’s opening monologue that was gorgeously tense and ominous. Listening to her struggle to present to the ISS Shenzhou the darkness the Mirror Universe demands, while also working to not become the darkness? The script so perfectly summed up her experience in this place with “Every moment is a test.” This sequence was dark and menacing and perfect! This nearly fifteen minute long intro packed a lot of emotions. Not a single one of them happy.

Voq vs. Voq

Voq vs. Voq from Star Trek Discovery "The Wolf Inside"

This Tyler on Voq action was super great. Tyler’s true identity leaking out piece by piece and causing all kinds of disjointed behavior is a real trip to watch. Voq reasserting his dominance inside of Tyler when they return to the Shenzhou is one of the most intense scenes in Star Trek’s long and glorious history. Burnham having him at the end of a phaser, but being incapable of pulling the trigger was just pure magic to behold. And then watching her absolutely transform from an entirely broken person, into the powerhouse the Mirror Universe demands. Sonequa Martin-Green is putting on acting clinic. 

Tilly taking charge of Stamets’ care is some great stuff. She often gets dropped into the story as a bit of comedic relief. But Competent Tilly is the best of all Tillys. She’s aboard the Discovery because she’s hella good at her job and I love it when the series lets us see that. Even though it kind of seemed like she killed Stamets for a while. But not before getting Saru to commit to considering her for the command training program, so it’s still a good move on her part.

Some Familiar All-New Faces

We get to lay our eyes on our first Andorians and Tellarites in this new series. I’ve never had much feelings about the Tellarites, but I’m definitely excited we get some Andorian action. After Jeffrey Combs debuted as Commander Shran back in Enterprise’s “The Andorian Incident,” I’ve existed solidly in Andorian fandom. I shall forever remain there. The fellas introduced in “The Wolf Inside” are much more angular and gruff than what I’m used to. They’re also like thirty percent more intimidating. 

Andorian from the Mirror Universe in The Wolf Inside

I take a lot of joy in the fact that they cycle through the cast for who does the “Last time on Star Trek: Discovery” in the beginning. I took an unexpected amount of happiness from hearing Mary Wiseman do it this go around.

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